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Restaurants in Chania

Best Restaurants in Chania
The 20 Best Restaurants in Chania as chosen by Tripadvisor, Foursquare, Zoover, Google and local's opinions

The tavern Agarathos is located in Chania between beautiful Balos and idyllic Gramvousa. In the tavern you can enjoy the traditional Cretan cuisine, that only Mr. Nikos and family is able to offer.

In the tavern the atmosphere reminiscent of something from the past and with people who cared to prepare for you a unique experience of simplicity and taste, with fresh vegetables, local meat and Cretan virgin olive oil is our own production.

The tavern Agarathos welcomes you in a beautiful traditional alley in Kaliviani. Enjoy the company of us and take with you when leaving the flavors and aromas of Cretan hospitality.

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Agioklima Cafe, Family Restaurant, Taverna, Platanias, Chania, Crete
In a graphic evaluated location on the main street of Ano Platanias, lies the Agioklima Restaurant.

Since 2004 that started, till today, it has been distinguished for two main reasons. First, for the original familial environment, since Bebyrakis family likes to serve its customers itself. And second, for its authentic traditional Cretan cuisine.

At Agioklima restaurant, the dishes are made by Mrs. Dimitra Bebyrakis herself, which has a 17-years old experience in cooking.

You can taste excellent dishes, cooked with authentic local recipes that remain the original Cretan flavor unchanged.
Our materials are only local and cooked with virgin olive oil.

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Aletri Restaurant - Bar, Agia Marina, Chania, Crete

Aletri Restaurant is a Cretan family restaurant run by the Kastrinakis family who for generations has lived on this site.

The Aletri was named by the family origins of farming and means “the plough”.
Our dishes are created using fresh vegetables produced in our own gardens and extra virgin olive oil from our own olive groves. Enjoy a romantic evening, dining under the 100 years old grape vine.

Our wide menu and friendly atmosphere makes many visitors to consider us their friends and come back year after year.

A warm welcome awaits you.

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In a magnificent location of the Tower Psilonerou on the beach is a restaurant Amaryllis.

The restaurant is open from morning until night, serving coffee, soft drinks, sandwiches, salads, varieties, and dinner.

One can enjoy swimming under the umbrellas and lunch.

The cuisine is Mediterranean Cretan Greek, including a wide variety of special flavors.

Highly recommend you try the salad amaryllis, the local meats and fresh fish.

This is a family business, the service is friendly and the restaurant balconies are superb.

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At the Enetiko harbour at the beach you will find the Restaurant - Fishtavern Apostolis. You are welcome to view the endless 'blue' of Aigaio Sea in a place that the green stops where the waves brake. Under the sound of smooth music, we are waiting to introduce you to the most fresh fish gourmets from winter to autumn.

You can taste and try many dishes from our menu besides the others, cuttlefish grilled, swordfish grilled, lobster, fresh squid and many more.

The main sale of 'RESTAURANT- FISH TAVERN APOSTOLIS' is decorated in a minimalist but warm way that brings into our visitors’ minds pictures from the sea and the Greek islands.

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Arokaria Restaurant, Platanias, Chania, Crete, Cretan & Greek Cuisine
On the main street of Platanias, in a short distance from the square, lies the restaurant “AROKARIA”.

In a beautiful garden, with touches of traditional architecture that tie up harmonically with the rich natural environment, we have accommodatet, since 1991 till today, thousands of visitors, known or not.

Staying faithful to the authentic Cretan cuisine, we offer our visitors the joy to taste traditional dishes given with a modern perception, emphasizing to the authentic tastes and pure local products.

All our meat is of our breading in our own farm and we use only chosen Cretan olive oil and vegetables from our own garden.

You shall find us at the main street of Platanias, 200m far from the square (Old High Way of Xania)

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Astrea Cafe Restaurant

Astrea starting operating in 2000 introducing the Cretan, the Greek and the Mediterranean cuisine to its customers. From the moments you enter the restaurant, you will feel a member of Fandridakis family. The owner Mr. George is at the door to welcome you.
Everything here at Astrea is well taken care to the last detail. The decoration, the food and the service. But, what makes Astrea distinguish is the magnificent view, which enchants every visitor. The restaurant organizes traditional Cretan nights three times a week.

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Efthimis Studios & Restaurant, Georgioupolis, Chania, Crete
The building of the restaurant - tavern and Efthimis studios was constructed at 2002 in the place of our fatherly house in the area of Georgioupolis in Chania, Crete.

The Mpailaki family invites you to spend family vacations at the comfortable and clean studios that offer you with love and hospitality.

Also, we await you at the tavern-pizzeria on the ground floor of our facilities as to enjoy unique dishes into our cool courtyard with the pergola over it.

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An authentic Steak House at Ano. Agia Marina of Chania, where you will find authentic " steak house " flavours and a big variety of wines from our cellar. Big variety of fresh meats and authentically steaks from the market of Europe and Argentina.

In our place we can entertain also 200 individuals, for party, events and fresh cocktails at the bar where is at the roof garden with view of the sea.

Those two Jay's Johny and Jimmy welcomes you.

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Kalamaki Restaurant cafe bar

Welcome to Kalamaki beach we hope you enjoy your stay. Kalamaki has been around for an odd 40 years subsequently the whole area getting the name of the sea side taverna. Kalamaki derives from the world kalami meaning fine bamboo straw which once covered the area and beach.

If there is anything in our power to do for you whether that is to direct you to the showers or to organize a suprise birthday party for a loved one, we are here. Cretan hospitality is in our blood. Even if it's just information our smiling staff will be happy to help. Ask to see our customer books and photos of friends that come year after year to spend the summer days and nights with us. Relax ... Indulge ... Once again welcome.

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Kavouras Tavern, Old Harbour, Chania, Crete

The restaurants are both located on the old harbour of Chania Town on the western part of Crete, with a wonderful view to the cretan sunset. Enjoy the tastes of the traditional cretan cuisine as well as from a variety of fresh fish dishes that both our restaurants will serve you.

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Marias Traditional Restaurant, Kato Stalos, Chania, Crete
Entering Stalos from Chania you will find us in the central street in left side in the middle of the region.

Mrs Maria Pentari, began as first woman restaurateur in Crete, in 1985, with a small ouzo selling (ouzeri) restaurant, and achieved to become well-known for her cooking art.

In Maria's Restaurant, a small oasis, a small land paradise for quality testers, it is difficult to choose from the inexperienced variety of Cretan delicacies infrequent and uniquebecause that is offered.

If you think of celebrating birthday or something else, Maria can prepare one completely unforgettable evening.

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Mitsos Restaurant in Agia Marina Chania, is located on the beachfront, with a beautiful view of the sea, and the island of Agii Theodore (St. Theodore) which is a national reserve for the Cretan goat named Kri Kri.
Mitsos Restaurant is open from 09:00am in the morning to serve breakfast.
Later on in the day, Greek and international dishes are served during lunch and dinner. We also offer a children's menu and there is a little playground for the young ones!

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Mylos Beach Restaurant - Beach Bar, Platanias, Chania, Crete
With love for the Cretan cuisine and the Mediterranean nutrition, the owner of Mylos Restaurant is occupied with the food industry since 1989 and operates the restaurant since 2002. At Mylos Restaurant’s cuisine we use pure local materials, oranges cultivated in our own fields and virgin olive oil from our own olive trees. Fast service and low prices are two of the things that will excite you, while the quality of our traditional dishes will make you come back again and again…

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"O Mylos tou Kerata" is one of the oldest restaurants of Crete. It is located in Platanias Chanion at a distance of 11km from the city of Chania, on the main road headed to Kisamos.

It first opened its doors back in 1960 when the owner of that time Dimitris Kavros converted the area around the water mill and the old inn to a taverna called "Keratas" (which means cuckold or someone with horns). The name comse from the fact that the inn used to be a quiet spot for cheating husbands and wives and the fact that the walls were decorated with animal horns that the owner sometimes wore to tease people.

Back in that time, the taverna became well renowned for its quality and it remains that way today. In 1999 it rewarded as the finest restaurant in Crete by the Greek Tourism Organization & one of the four finest in Greece.

In the courtyard there is the Venetian 14th century water mill and next to that, the inn, that offered its hospitality to the tired travellers. The old inn has been transformed to a marvellous interior with a decoration that is renewed everyday with materials derived from nature: fresh and drained flowers, fruits and vegetables (tomatoes, artichokes, huge coloured pumpkins, scuplured watermelons and more). The courtyard is a paradise filled with trees, some of each are perennial, scented plants and flowers.

The cuisine is cretan traditional and mediterranean. All of the dishes are prepared from carefully selected materials and cooked in virgin olive oil. We also have a big collection of carefully selected wines from the greek vineyards.

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Welcome to Old Village Restaurant !
At the most picturesque place of the old village of Ano Platania, you will find Michels Old Village Restaurant with fantastic view and outstanding cuisine.
Old Village Restaurant will become your favorite place with the very first visit.
Platanias is easily recognised from the islet across the beach. Ano Platanias offers the view, while Kato Platanias the beach. A great spot, that you should not miss.

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At the graphic harbour of New Town, on the wave, to a beautiful beach with view at Lazareta islands, lies the Ouzythino tavern.

Andre Ritzakis, a man with long-year experience at the food industry, has set his new restaurant in 2006. In a simple, modern environment, he offers special dishes by combing the Cretan tradition with a modern perspective in a unique way.

All his dishes are authentic traditional recipes with selective local products and home-made Cretan olive oil.

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In the beautiful picturesque village of Kolympariou, close to the sea, in a wonderful venue, is the well build restaurant Paleo Arhontiko.

It is a family business, that with knowledge and care created a perfect environment, one that is satisfying for lunch and dinner.

The interior can be described literaly with the name "Arhontiko" ( which means high class ) but one can easily notice that the exterior is perfectly build as well.

Our cuisine is Cretan Greek, in other words excellent and the service perfect. The materials are pure, of Cretan origin.


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Pergola Restaurant Agii Apostoli, Chania, Crete

In a beautiful place, near the beach of St. Apostoles, with view in the sea is found the restaurant Pergola. The pergola dominates in a ideal, raised place, in a green all around environment with beautiful gardens full of roses. The restaurant ties up splendidly the traditional Cretan elements, with open colours and the nuances of timber, in a pandaisia of colours from the roses, creating to you a light sense.

The assiduity of cooker has gentleman Stelios. With 35 years of professional experience it has created one most complete menu for all tastes, offering authentic Greek and international dishes. Observing strictly the Cretan tasty tradition in a commination with a modern European perception it creates recipes that will convince also the strictest critic. Using only chosen local products as the horticultural and meats, home made olive oil and our own in bulk wine we attend so that we naturally offer in our visitor genuine Cretan flavours and a genuine Cretan kitchen.

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Petridis Tavern - Restaurant, Chania, Crete. Traditional Cretan & Greek Cuisine, Fresh Fish, Local Dishes

Our tavern exists since 1950. For three generations now we have been taking care of your pleasure in taste.

The art of cooking is being taught from father to son with background the old harbour.

Big portions, delicious dishes, succeed each another to a menu that is characterized for its variety.

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Pyramis Pool Bar, Restaurant, Taverna, Stalos, Chania, Crete

In the middle of Stalos at Chania, on the Old High Way and 50m far from the beach, lies the Pyramis restaurant.

In a tasteful place that since 1998 till today, the owner welcomes the visitors himself. Having lived in Stockholm for 13 years, he has transfered the Scandinavian culture in his cuisine and he has accompliced to combine the Cretan nutritional tradition with touches of the European north. The result will really surprise you and his reward is the long-year friendship with his Scandinavian visitors and the exchange visiting during the winter.

You can also be served at the Beach Bar and enjoy your meal on the wave. Every Tuesday, Cretan nights are organized, with dancers that will enjoy you and teach you the secrets of traditional Greek dances.

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Within the old town of Chania with its picturesque alleys and the atmosphere of past eras, is the restaurant.
Since 1996, we started where we built a beautiful family environment with the intention to embrace you and make you feel a member of a large Cretan family. With respect to our tradition and authentic Cretan cuisine, offering authentic local dishes daily with the original recipes of our ancestors and traditional recipes from across Greece.
With joy we serve you fresh salads, homemade cheeses, traditional products and a wide variety of wines as well as our famous raki. We expect to see you soon.

We are located in the old town of Chania, in the picturesque alley Holy Deka, next to Holy Metropolis. Ag Deka 3-5, Chania.

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The tavern Menou and Krasi is located in Chora. In the restaurant you can enjoy the traditional Cretan cuisine, that only a true greek family is able to offer.

In the restaurant the atmosphere reminiscent of something from the past and with people who cared to prepare for you a unique experience of simplicity and taste, with fresh vegetables, local meat and Cretan virgin olive oil is our own production.

The restaurant Menou and Krasi welcomes you in a beautiful place at the beach. Enjoy the company of us and take with you when leaving the flavors and aromas of Cretan hospitality.

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